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Gestational Carrier & Surrogate Questionnaire
If you are interested in being a gestational carrier or traditional surrogate, are in good health, are over twenty-one years of age, live in Pennsylvania or a nearby state (other than New York) and have previously given birth to at least one child, please send Mr. Kalikow an e-mail at or call him at 215-682-9100.

Mr. Kalikow represents intended parents who are waiting to find the right person to carry their child. To expedite things, you may wish to complete and send the preliminary questionnaire below.

No attorney/client relationship is established by filling out this questionnaire.
Zip Code
Marital Status
How many biological children do you have?
When did you last give birth to a child?
Do you smoke or use tobacco?
Do you have health insurance that includes coverage for prenatal care and delivery?
Are you employed and, if so, how?

Are you interested in being a:
Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your interest in being a gestational carrier and/or traditional surrogate is sincerely appreciated.

Lawrence A. Kalikow, Attorney at Law
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